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PacemColumnChartElement (extensions of PacemSeriesChartElement) is a handy webcomponent that renders either columns and stack charts, it depends on the bindable type property.
Its PacemChartSeriesElement children or its bindable datasource property define the groups of the chart.

The datasource property prevales over the PacemChartSeriesElement children.


The datasource property should be a consistent 2-dimensional datatable having the following schema:

type ChartDatasource = { 
    label: string,  
    values: { label: any /* label should consistently define the series name among all the datasource items */, value: number }[]
    className?:string }[];

The child-series of a chart can be easily updated by exploiting a PacemRepeaterElement. Everytime a change occurs a draw task gets generated for the whole chart.

The following live examples sum up what can be done with a column chart webcomponent.

2020-12-13,84,30,25 2020-12-20,66,23,19 2020-12-27,51,18,16 2021-01-03,60,23,19 2021-01-10,79,29,23