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Google Maps Adapter

The PacemGoogleMapAdapterElement leverages the power of Google Maps Javascript API to render the tiles of- and interact with the map element.

Geocoding + Reverse Geocoding

The PacemGoogleMapAdapterElement also leverages the power Google Maps API geocoding services (aka google.maps.Geocoder) to find the desired results either by querying an address or by requesting a position.

<!-- geocoder webcomponent -->
<pacem-map-geocode search="1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043, US" adapter="#googleAdapterId">&lt/pacem-map-geocode>


WMS and TMS outputs can be easily overlayed to the map via the <pacem-map-layer> component.
In the following snippet a WMS tile layer gets added to the map (only for a specific zoom-range).


Custom Overlay components add extra depth to the map.
In the following snippet, a PacemMapOverlayImageConponent in action.