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Dropdown Calendar

PacemCalendarPickerElement is the optimal webcomponent for date picking.

Formattable and Autogeneratable

PacemCalendarPickerElement value can be formatted given straight attribute or relevant metadata.

Noteworthy to say:

A Calendar Picker whose value is required (required attribute set to true) cannot be cleared: the relevant button gets hidden.

[ {"prop": "bday", "type": "date", "display": { "name": "Birthday", "ui": "calendar", "watermark": "date before 2021...", "format": { "month": "short", "year": "numeric", "day": "2-digit", "weekday": "short" } }, "extra": { "disabledRanges": [{ "from": "2021-01-01" }]} , "validators": [{ "type": "required", "errorMessage": "Required field" }, {"type": "range", "errorMessage": "No way, you can't'", "params": { "max": "2020-12-31"} }] } ]